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Dental Implants

Transform Your Smile With Dental Implants

When you are missing a tooth, it can be troublesome in more than one way. First and foremost, it will lead to improper chewing. It will affect your appearance as well. If you want to restore your ability to chew or restore your beautiful smile, you will have to think about dental implants. But you will have to choose the most competent services since dental implants need to be implanted surgically. 

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The W Clinic Will Install Dental Implants For You

Dental implants are quite different from basic dentistry. So if you're thinking about visiting a general dentist near Burwood, it may not be the best move as there could be no guarantee about the quality of implants. You should not choose inferior services as it will only adversely affect your dental health. But when you choose The W Clinic for the job, you're choosing professionals who are highly experienced at their work. So if you need dental implants and you live near Burwood, you won’t find better services than ours.

Features Of Our Dental Implants

  • No matter if you need half mouth reconstruction or full mouth reconstruction, our dental implants have you covered. Since we have been doing this for many years, the reconstruction will be conducted smoothly. 

  • We do the research carefully before providing dental implants to clients near Burwood. The diagnosis needs to be conducted thoroughly to find the best solution. We take our time before deciding whether a client needs half or full mouth reconstruction. 

  • We can provide the best prices for dental implants near Burwood. Please contact us for your requirements and we can discuss our services to suit your budget.

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Merits Of Choosing Our Services

There are various reasons why you should choose dental implants from The W Clinic. We will look at some of our biggest merits: 


  • Our dentists are dedicated to everything they do. If it’s dental implants or general dentistry services that you need near Burwood, we will provide services with the same commitment and quality.

  • Apart from providing dental services, we are very understanding, our staff are all fluent in either Mandarin, Cantonese or Korean.

  • You can reach out to us throughout the week. If you prefer a walk-in appointment, we will try our very best to provide our services right away. 


In case you like to know more about us, please call us on (02) 9744 8088. We will make sure that the best type of dental implant is made available to you! 

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